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Meeting Information:

Date of Meeting: Fourth Monday of each month

Location of Meeting: Joe's Club, 4676 Wickham Rd

Time of Meeting: ARC - 6PM, BOD - 6:30PM

Board of Directors:

President: Doug Dixon

Vice President: Rob Ledbetter

Treasurer: Anthony Zack

Secretary: Mike Smith

Director: Maria Shepard


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are my assessments?

For 2021, the annual assessments are $179.00. They can be paid in two semi-annual payments of $89.50 in January and July. Assessments are due by January 31st and July 31st. For questions regarding your specific account balance, please email or call the office at 321-777-7575.

What is my Homeowner ID?

Your Homeowner ID is "LO" + your house number. Please email if you need assistance with your Homeowner ID.

How can I pay my assessments?

Assessments can be mailed to PO Box 531232, Atlanta, GA 30353, can be brought into our office at 1331 Bedford Dr. Ste 103, Melbourne, FL 32940, or can be paid online here.

How can I check my current balance?

Please email us at for all questions you have regarding accounting.

Contact the Association's Manager
Please fill out all information below. Or you can email the manager, Alan Guthrie, at